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Started in 2010, PT Synergy Roda Dunia has always been about mid to high end bicycles, components and accessories. We are committed to bring in high quality products to cater bicycle enthusiast in Indonesia.


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  • Wheel bearing kit Mavic 3

Wheel bearing kit Mavic 3

Choose the CyclingCeramic wheel bearing kit Mavic 3 and make your Mavic Cosmic Ultimate, R-SYS, R-SYS Premium,R-SYS SLR, Ksyrium SLR,SR and Cosmic carbone SR,SLR even more powerful! Ceramic bearings reduce frictions, improve bearing life and improve the performance of your wheels.

According to a study conducted on our products, friction is virtually non-existent, in other words, you ride faster for the same effort provided. The extreme hardness of the CyclingCeramic balls results in a 4 to 5 times greater lifetime than standard steel bearings. Our special grease keeps your bearings tight and protects them against external elements that can hinder proper operation.

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